mardi 3 mai 2016

That is Paris (3)

I get down into the subway. It is Saturday, the afternoon is beginning, the train is quite empty. I sit. Opposite to me, a teenager in baggy trousers is sprawled whith his sneakers on the seat in front of him. He eats pistachios and conscientiously let the shells fall on the floor, careful not to dirty his clothes. I look at him with disgust in a very obvious way. He looks back at me and tells me, though I am old enough to be his father, "you want to pick them up ? "

"No, I reply, not even surprised by his offensive suggestion, but it disgusts me that pigs would be allowed in the subway." He stared, but it did not stop him from quietly eating his pistachios and leaving a pile of shells at his feet. You are surprised that the subway is so dirty? That's Paris!

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