dimanche 1 mai 2016

That is Paris (2)

The weather is nice, a beautiful winter day. You've just been walking two hours to enjoy the sun; it doesn't happen everyday such a beautiful day. It's Sunday, you feel relaxed, cool. The evening is falling down, the sun is setting, you decide to take a Vélib to ride back home.

You ride quietly on a bike lane which is separated from the road by a safety rail to prevent cars from coming in your way. You ride quietly, you feel so relaxed by this wonderful afternoon, when suddenly somebody comes out of a store with a load of cans in his arms, crosses the bike lane without even looking, to fill the trunk of a car which is parked in double-lane . You manage to avoid the fool, but you still let out an exasperated "don't even bother to look ".

And there comes the flood of insults "go fuck yourself dirty faggot ..." that doesn't even surprise you anymore . That's the Parisian life!

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